Adel Cosmetics

About Adele

Adele Cosmetics is working to develop quality products as well as selling quality brands from the manufacturer to the consumer. A national company with a main store located in Karmiel and agents throughout the country, which allows us to serve customers all over the country

We are engaged in an ongoing effort to serve you the new products with innovative formulas and the specific requirements of customers.

Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday

18:00 – 09:00

Friday and Holiday Eve

14:00 – 09:00



Personalization is the cornerstone of our business. Our clientele is constantly expanding. We promise to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic ingredients, the best beauty ingredients and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

 We recommend that you check frequently for new products and updates.

Our team of experts are available for any questions and inquiries before and after purchase. 

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